A Crumble in way

Eyes turning outward crashing in blood
Sandy water is burning a flood
Flowing trees are shouting at me
Carcass sin air shall leave it be
All the things that will not be aware there
The eyes melting red and still they stare
Have you seen it telling them to go
Watching the birds turning to snow
White as the weather and reading the sky
Asking the strange man if it wanted to die
But the road is too long and he did reply
The feather is drinking the milk as you cry
And why did the sound of the smell go away
It sat on the ground and wanted to stay
So I cut it free and drank its last breath
While I waited to eat and feast on past death

Sam D Thomson

Copyright ©2008  Sam D Thomson

Midnight Sight

Questioning space while answers lay there
Floating around chaotic through air
Loss of the mind blistering doubt
What can't they find that should not shout
The tears that are hidden remain in a place
Away from the truth that's too hard to taste
Bring it on slow there is time to present
Don't push the future Repent recent resent
Nothing stands continue the Rath
Seperate reason deny the path
Object intoxicate opposite right
Not enough mercy everything light
drifting away breathing alone
Control emotion contradicting condones

Samuel David Thomson

Copyright ©2008  Sam D Thomson


Does it matter if it's done
Don't decide which way to run
dare the distance dark desire
bare of difference mark the fire
still living it has been so long
steal giving lit as grin grown wrong
deranged corners crept down deep
delightful horn purrs slept frown sleep
be night full torn leaking through
feed right pool born seeking true
love sight fool flower kept ground grew
great might power wept willing wise
hate bite sourer source killing dies
sold to a horse ran in to hide
told softly as can hear how it lied
old often has man near now then died
cold causes shivers so shown shakes
frost freezes farther flow flown flakes

Samuel David Thomson

Copyright ©2008  Samuel David Thomson